Fight better and faster against cancer
Inspire2Go stems from the Inspire2Live foundation. The patient advocates of Inspire2Live
work nationally and internationally to bring together the various stakeholders, such as
patients, doctors and scientists, who are involved in the fight against cancer. Want to know
more about Inspire2Live and its patient advocates? Click here.

The very best place…
Inspire2Go is an organisation that separates the wheat from the chaff to collect reliable
information and make it widely available. In this way, patients can determine where they can
go for the very best treatment or rehabilitation whilst benefitting from the most favourable
health insurance reimbursements.

Just a few examples of situations which need to be improved
It is known which are the cancer centres of excellence, but this information is not made
accessible to patients and their loved ones.
Patient rehabilitation needs are well-known yet referral is still poor and treatments are only
partly reimbursed.
It is known how the individual optimal dosage of a drug for a specific patient can be
determined, yet the outdated method is still widely used meaning that suboptimal dosages
are still being given.
Our mission
Inspire2Go’s mission is to actively inform and support every person directly or indirectly
affected by cancer to make a good choice about their options in the field of diagnostics,
treatments and aftercare.