Treatment centres of excellence
For whom and why?

Inspire2Go wants to inform and support any person directly or indirectly affected by cancer in choosing a centre for diagnostics, treatment and aftercare. A choice based on medical qualities rather than travel distance, specialisations or patient assessments. The Netherlands has world-class treatment centers. On this website you can find information that you can discuss with your doctor.


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How can this information help me?

Our aim is to provide you with information you can use when making decisions about care that concerns you. As a patient, you have rights which include being aware of and understanding treatment options and choices. You can also choose to consult another doctor for a second opinion. You can actively participate in treatment decisions by making your wishes known. Inspire2Go wants to support you by enabling you to choose from all the different options available.

Cancer centres of excellence

Working with the international research agency IQVIA, Inspire2Go has collected answers shared by cancer specialists in The Netherlands in response to the following question: "Which cancer centres do you consider to be the top 3 in terms of quality of care?" Cancer specialists have access to comparative data and can therefore answer this question in a well-founded manner. These responses are being used to determine the top centres for the fifteen most common types of cancer. More about IQVIA +
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