For lung cancer, the following centres are most frequently mentioned by the specialists who
responded to our survey (in alphabetical order):

  • Amsterdam UMC (VUmc site)
  • Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Hospital (Amsterdam)
  • Erasmus MC (Rotterdam)
  • UMC Groningen

We urge you to have an in-depth discussion with your general practioner and attending specialist(s)
about choosing the centre where you would like to be treated.
You will need to weigh up multiple aspects and criteria when making this choice and you can take the
opinion of the medical specialists presented here into account. One factor that makes the choice

perhaps more complex than it seems here is that we are seeing partnerships and networks emerging
between hospitals, which means that centres other than those mentioned above are also coming
into the picture. This collaboration can sometimes be intensive – take for example the Erasmus MC,
which doesn’t perform much surgery in situ with operations being performed at the Maasstad
Hospital (Rotterdam). But collaborations can also be quite limited with, for example, a specialist from
a top hospital coming once a month to go through eighty patient files with the team in one
afternoon. We have not yet made an inventory of the collaborations which are sufficiently close and
frequent, but your health insurer can help you with information about these. Insurers often also have
decision aids and it is certainly advisable to ask about these.

We would appreciate your feedback on the usefulness of this information together with your
suggestions for any future developments via the form on the Contact page.