For melanoma, the following centres are most frequently mentioned by the specialists who
responded to our survey (in alphabetical order):
 Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Hospital (Amsterdam)
 Erasmus MC (Rotterdam)
 Radboud UMC (Nijmegen)
We urge you to have an in-depth discussion with your general practioner and attending specialist(s)
about choosing the centre where you would like to be treated.
You will need to weigh up multiple aspects and criteria when making this choice and you can take the
opinion of the medical specialists presented here into account.
There is a special protocol for the treatment of melanoma, namely that a non-metastatic melanoma
must be surgically removed in a hospital that meets minimum volume standards. There are several of
these hospitals and your doctor or specialist can help you with this choice. Further examination and
treatment of metastatic melanoma needs to take place in specific hospitals, details of which can be
found, for example, on the relevant page of

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